2014 Online Marketing Trends – Sales Funnels Slides

2014 Online Marketing Trends.

Great work by Dave Chaffey

We are working on this to take account of the lates marketing tactics to add value to travellers even before they start the planning process. Its not done in Tourism Marketing but highly effective in just about every sector is is aapplied. Whatch out for our EXCLUSIVE stoty on this soon.

In the meantime; to get an idea of where it is going consider realholidys’com dynamic packaging and visual bookings technology. These are a step in the direction of value up front. In the next iteration are laed magnets and trip wires. stay tuned for more.

Understanding the Sales Booking Funnel in Tourism – EyeforTravel

Distribution, big data, hype and the need for speed | Travel Industry News & Conferences – EyeforTravel.

“by understanding the booking funnel in more depth hoteliers can strengthen their distribution”. So says Sascha Hausmann, CEO, Busy Rooms. She goes on to say that Knowing travellers thought process will mean more effective distribution by offering the right information to the right consumer at the right time.

Its probable common sense but it not common practice. The travel industry does NOT understand the sales funnel and does NOT apply any of the standard tactics used by conventional marketers such as Amazon and most marketing companies. Hotel industry executives have to understand that times have changed. The internet has inject the idea of instant communication and speed is now the essence.

Changes is NOT a matter of years – it takes place daily, with new ideas appearing every day and travellers like jumping on the wagon of new trends and services that help them deal with overload and confusion.

Watch Marketing Hotels and Tourism for more on this. Also see our Visual Marketing Series for Tourism >>>

For an excellent presentation on the traditional sales funnel see https://marketinghotelsandtourism.com/2014-online-marketing-trends/