Twitter Struggles with Sagging Growth

Is Twitters new Video Autoplay Feature Enought to Keep it Alive- Media Post Recent research by Forrester shows marketers spending less on Tweets as Twitter struggles with sagging growth. They believe Facebook and other other social media offer better returns As Elliot said. “It seems to have lost touch with marketers.” Twiiter has now added […]

Is Facebook a waste of time for businesses?

Is Facebook a waste of time for businesses?. Facebook mission is deliver content that users read and to get rid of ‘spammy’ or unrelated information. Facebook has recently changed to its systems to eliminate this kind of information and because of this brands have had an average decline of 44 per cent in customer reach. […]

Google+ looses Its Leader and maybe its way

via Google+ Chief Vic Gundotra Departs – with the departure of the top man at Google + many are asking So the question is has Google+ lost its ay as well ass its head. It looks like G+ may not be on the drawing board to play a vital social role as it ws […]