Will Instagram let us shop for travel? | WTM Insights

Will Instagram let us shop for travel? | WTM Insights

will instagram shopping work for travelSource: Will Instagram let us shop for travel? | WTM Insights

Instagram Checkout, lets you buy products and services as you browse photo and videos on the instagram, without having to go to another website.

It now just for products suach as fashion, make-up and sporting goods. Its aimed at Brands such as Michael Kors, H&M, ColourPop, MAC and Nike. Right now its only available in the US. However it is clearly going to go beyond these borders.

Instagram recently tweaked that it will make it “easier to save items for later browsing in a personal Shopping collection”. It is also going to allow shoppers to buy item in videos. That makes it very appealing to travel marketers including hotels, tourism activities, destinations and agents.

The one hurdle is that vacations holiday are complex. Today its all about the experience and that requires a growing need for  personalisation. Right now the Instashop is focused on physical products and travel is far more demanding that that.

However, it is a step in the right direction and we shall have to wait and see how it unfolds. Instagram says  “We are continuing to test this feature and hope to expand availability to more accounts in the near future.”

Instagram shopping is of high interest to Travel Brands who are already seeing excellent engagement with photo and video on the platform.

EasyJet’s already experimenting with  Look&Book Instagram search capability and others are equally intrigued about the possibilities of and Instagam travel shopping.

Is Facebook Organic Marketing Dead? : Social Media Examiner

Is Facebook Organic Marketing Dead? : Social Media Examiner

,sSource: Is Facebook Organic Marketing Dead? : Social Media Examiner

The answer to the question “Is Facebook Organic Marketing Dead” is Yes and NO. A lot of things that once worked just don’t move the needle anymore. Consider this “that average organic reach is now 1% to 6%.” Not impressive at all.

And we now see that blog posts linked out of Facebook get the lowest reach an engagement.

Video is King

Then on the other side of the coin we learn that Video is King – that is so load as it is native to Facebook and you load an original video to your Facebook page. Don’t even bother to share YouTube Video! They will just be seen by your friends, perhaps, and have no reach at all.

If you do upload a quality engaging video, BuzzSumo tells us that it will “outperforming photo and still image posts by 73%.”  That is because Facebook sees its future in Video. It is closely watching the migration of television viewers and advertisers to digital media and the internet.

The article also gives tips on the various format and forms of video that you can use on Facebook. It explains the merits of each and is good reading for anyone panning to use video marketing on Facebook. For that matter, it applies well to any social media.

Advertising is the Future

Of course the future for Facebook is in Advertising and to some extent that works. Their recent update on Ad Relevance and tracking will help advertisers asses their results. The question is will Facebook be relevant as the digital world transforms and new sites like Instagram steam roller into engaging travelers and inspiring them to look, book, and convert at a greater rate than Facebook.

Read the article for full details of what might be the better strategy for your Facebook social activity in the new digital divide.


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What The Microsoft LinkedIn Deal Means for Advertisers

What The Microsoft LinkedIn Deal Means for Advertisers

What might the merging of the two biggest graphs of professional data mean for advertisers?

Source: The Microsoft LinkedIn Deal: What it means for advertisers


This graph shows the landscape of the merger. Basically linked in which has created a stellar positioning is business social network, suddenly has access to a entire new and huge database of business data. And its data that is currently not shared. For Microsoft it means access to a mobile platform that complements its business network. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Here is what the news item says:

“The LinkedIn acquisition gets Microsoft into social in a strategic way that complements the company’s existing, largely untapped user data. In Q1 2016, LinkedIn reported $154.1 million in ad revenue, a 29 percent year-over-year increase driven primarily by sponsored content. Bing Ads revenue rose 18 percent in the first quarter, which Microsoft attributed in large part to the adoption of Windows 10. And that brings us to the other pivotal piece of this acquisition — the foothold it gives Microsoft and Bing Ads in mobile, where it has been exceptionally weak compared to Google. LinkedIn’s mobile activity opens up doors for Microsoft that efforts like the Windows Phone and its search advertising partnership with Yahoo failed to provide.” And now “the LinkedIn acquisition would seem to pave a clearer pathway for clearer messaging and data integration.”

With this acquisition Microsoft is the defacto leader in “data on the professional world”  – It has significant to advertisers:

What The Microsoft LinkedIn Deal Means for Advertisers

1. More refined targeting, particularly for B2B advertisers;
2. More reach with the addition of the LinkedIn universe of 433 million users; and
3. More commercial opportunities via Cortana, Micorosoft’s digital assistant, as it is positioned as “the professional’s” digital assistant.

As a hint of what’s to come, Microsoft outlined a vision for an Intelligent Newsfeed as a “new daily habit” in the acquisition deck.

For the complete analysis see http://marketingland.com/microsoft-linkedin-advertisers-180575

I wonder what will be the impact on other businesses in the LI network, namely Slideshare, The Pulse and the Instant Cusomer Network which Pulse Engage took over from Mike Koenigs a while ago.

hot buttons messaging for hotel and tourism website

More on digital marketing in digital media

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How Facebook Native Video is Engaging Brands

How Facebook Native Video is Engaging Brands

Why Facebook Video is taking Market Share From YouTube


facebook video interactions blast past youtube

Brands have jumped on the Facebook video Bandwagon with the new revamped Facebook native video.  Media moguls like CNN, The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed are leading the charge. And some are getting great results. Take ESPN, as an example. “They  had 15 Facebook native videos that logged 53,000+ shares. This volume of shares is significant when compared to its previous 15 YouTube videos, which only logged 6,500 shares.” More at  relevance.com

But we must not forget that YouTube is still in the drivers seat in  many respects.  It is the second largest search engine in the world with three billion queries every month.


YouTubes’ size and scale ensures that it will be a long term player and Brands need to place their feet on all sides of the fence.


Here in this info-graphics discover the facts and judge for yourself!


How Facebook Native Video is Engaging Brands

Infographics by One Productions charts media comments and growth of Facebook native video in relation to YouTube

Research Reveals Surprising News on Social Influencers

Research Reveals Surprising News on Social Influencers

Latest Research on Social Media May Shock you!

Jeff Bullas has compiled a pile of amazing stats on what works in digital media. The research reveals surprising news on who are the social influencers. Shocking news really, and most of it very counter-intuitive.

He credits Technorati Media for some of these insights but his work reaches out to all social sites and blogs showing which have most influence on buying behaviors. Some of it is surprising; like Google only influences about 20% of purchases!

breakdown of digital influences

breakdown of digital influences

Did you know that consumers consider blogs as a prime influencer, right behind retail and brand websites? You could be forgiven for not knowing this, most brands don’t understand it either and spend very little on blogging channels. Social media is top of mind with everyone, but it accounts for just 10% of all digital advertising.

The top 3 include:

Display ads such as banner website advertising – 41%
Search advertising such as Google Adwords – 19%
Video advertising including YouTube – 14%

Total advertising spend on social media is just 10% of all digital ads and Facebook accounts for 57% of that. Blogs got only 5% of the entire social advertising budget.

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Difference Between Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO

Difference Between Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO

Difference Between Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO.

Its seems unnecessary, I thought when i read this, then i talked a hotelier friend and it was clear that they were not at all clear on what was what in SEO, Content and Social. This article gives a good overview of the separate activities but in fact the lines are very blurred as more SEO activities move to social and content is always being indexed on social. Check out the SocialIndexEngine Case study on a tourism promo that cuts across all lines.

the difference between SEO, content and social marketing

the difference between SEO, content and social marketing

The article by Jonathan Gebauer looks at each of these activities separately and defines how they differ. Well more or less, for SEO he asks “What The Heck Is SEO?” and then adds “SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and describes the process of optimizing a website and it’s content in a way so that it hopefully will receive more website traffic from search engine result pages. Here is how that works (in theory at least):

He clarifies it with an Example An Example, to Make Things Clearer – Hopefully he says:

I paraphrase- Imagine you want to get more traffic to your website, or to build its authority. You start with a blog, which will provide helpful articles to your guests. The blog adds content to the site and the aim is to generate more traffic and as a result more leads. That is an SEO initiative using content marketing – right?

To generate more backlinks it needs to be read.
“So you start sharing your content around on Social Media platforms – you probably start a fanpage on Facebook, and a Twitter profile. Maybe even something slightly more exotic like a Pinterest account. And you start growing those accounts.”

So now you are already engaged in all three strategies/activities while all you wanted to do in the beginning was a little bit of SEO…..

Read more at http://blog.thesocialms.com/difference-content-marketing-social-media-marketing-seo/#A3QRMtvO71Xjjby8.99