Summary of Anthony Robbins book Money Mastery – By SpeedReading

Summary of Anthony Robbins book Money: Master the Game – 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.

Tony Robert Money Mastery

Tony Robins on the Essence of Money Mastery

The summary is a speed-reading project, read fast and summaries so that you can immediately get the essence of what Tony Robins is saying. This flash summary is helpful and precise. Cutting it back to the essential which will help you understand how to accelerate your financial success using Tony Robins strategies. Tony of course know a lot about success and for this book he has studies the masters, putting the sum of what he knows and has learned into a formula.

I am not big on formulas, they usually don’t work for me. But building systems is part of my passion and I love to see complex systems boiled down to essential. Tony Robins does that “Tony Robbins has used this book to render even the most complex financial concepts simple and actionable”.

Speed Read and Flash Synthesized

Now on top of Tony’s rendering of complex financial concepts into simple understandable terms, we have Jans speed read and flash synthesis. That seems to be the ultimate in conciseness. What Tony distilled into 600 pages Jan has summed into just two pages of the most powerful point to help you become the master of your wealth. See the summary here >>>

Jan Cisek is one of the founders of SpeedReading (spd rdng) in the UK. Jan spent some time in Barbados and we crossed paths and were inspired by our differences and commonality. Since then we have wandered on different tangents and it is with some delight I see Jan cross my trajectory now with his work on Money Masters.

Marketing Inspiration

Tony has inspired so many of the people I work with. like Brendan Bouchard, Mike Keonigs and all the top marketers who understand the new need for systematization in the digital age. Together we are putting together a new framework for marketing travel and hospitality. see

Jan brings a wealth of insights and special knowledge and skill to this distillation. Amongst his many talents, he is a branding expert who has helped many big names create an authentic and sustainable Brand path.

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