How to Stop Sites Outranking You With Your Own Content

Someone Outranking You With Your Own Content? Use The New Google Scraper Report. Its not just annoying, it really hurts your business when some big time authority website copies your own original content and puts it on their site. Google often will pick up the content on the authority site and show them in search […]

Hotel Distribution: Tech Giants May Change Everything

Hotel Distribution II: Will Tech Giants Change Everything?. “In the past 11 years, the landscape has changed. There has been a huge evolution on the part of OTAs. The elements of that evolution include the development of loyalty programs by OTAs themselves.” John Burns, president of Hospitality Technology Consulting. He adds “And now we have […]

Is Apple loosing its Touch – ReadWrite

Apple Earnings: The iPhone Suddenly Looks Mortal – ReadWrite. With Profits at 13.1 billion who can complain. Well investors will because its down from estimates and the reason is higher cost and not as many sales as. Read the article for the inside scoop.