Millennials Use Travel Agents More Than Other Traveller

Millennials Use Travel Agents More Than Other Traveller

The number of people who say they’ve used a travel agent to book a trip has rebounded slightly in recent years, and increased interest from millennials in

Source: Millennials Are More Likely to Use Travel Agents Than Any Other U.S. Demographic – Skift

Travel Agents on the Rise

It is clearly a good sign for  agents, that “Millennials Use Travel Agents More Than Other Traveller” and I believe that means your regular walk in travel agent and not the or Expedia variety we call OTAs.

Although the reports says it helps if the agent has a strong online presence, it’s not altogether clear who they are talking about and they say:

“While ASTA wouldn’t break out what kind of travel agents were being used the most, Kerby conceded that the travel agent space at large still faces an identity crisis.”

It is also noteworthy that Millennials “Usually search online or on social media [when looking for a travel agent]”. It definitely help if the agent have a strong online presence so that they are come up in the search made by millennials.

Key Finding of the ASTA Survey

Here are some interesting facts from the study

  1. 22 percent of Americans from households earning more than $50,000 booked travel through a travel agent, an increase from 14 percent just three years ago
  2. Millennials are more likely to use an agent than any demographic group of older travelers
  3. 30%  of millennials have used a travel agent in the last 12 months. They’re also most likely to recommend agents to a friend.
  4. 45 % of millennials said they’re likely to recommend a travel agent to a friend or family member.
  5. 66% said using an agent makes their trip better
  6. Travellers who use travel agents generally spend than those who book trips themselves.

ASTA’s survey conducted by TNS Global, included 14,000 U.S. households with household income above $50,000 US.


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Booking Via Old School Travel Agencies Grow – The Boston Globe

Bookings through travel agencies growing- Business – The Boston Globe.

The Internet didn’t kill off Travel Agents (TAs) after all. The old TAs were supposed to be dead and buried by online sites such as Expedia, and TripAdvisor. But, full-service TAs are booking more trips for travelers willing to pay an expert to develop smart itineraries.

In fact flights booked by traditional travel agencies increased 11 percent over the past four years.

The increase in use of Travel Agents is fueled by baby boomers like David and Carol Greenfield who usually plan their vacations on the Internet. But when they chose Japan for their vacation, they needed more than a mouse to fully experience a foreign culture and overcome the language barrier.

As travel gets more elaborate, with more options and alternatives and things to do, online agents may just not have the personal touche needed for the new adventure travellers.

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ASTA: Use of travel agents is up

ASTA: Use of travel agents is up, as is their image – Travel Weekly.

ASTA study: An increasing number of travelers are using travel agents, and agents make vacations better.

The number of travelers who use now at 13% is up 2 percentage points from 11% in 2010.

59% of millennials, 53% of Generation X and 58% of baby boomers booked with an agent and indicated that vacations planned with travel agents were better than those organized without their assistance.

Those who used agents traveled more often, taking 4.7 trips in the past year versus 3.6 trips for those who didn’t use an agent.