Priceline profit tops estimates as bookings rise

Priceline profit tops estimates as bookings rise | Reuters. It seems that edgy and funy ads is paying of for price line. Darren Huston, CEO of Priceline, the former chief of, “added that advertising for was paying off in the United States”. The company has beat expectations and growth in strong. Online […]

VisualBookingsTechnology Transforms BookingEngine to Travel Planning Sales Funnels – YouTube

VisualBookingsTechnology & Tourism Marketing- Transforms BookingEngine to Travel Planning Systems – YouTube. This video is a detailed look at the on and off-site marketing and sales funnel activities for VBT. For more on the VBT planning and reservations see VBT overview. Visual Travel Planning Software Turns any Booking Site into a Interactive Sales Machine In […]

Hotel Payment Plan at Expedia Boosts Bookings

Expedia says new hotel payment plan is a bookings booster – Travel Weekly. This should put an end to that cash grab some were planning. Hotels have been thinking well if Expedia can get paid up front then I want to too. The fact is traveleres are shifting away from that model and choose booking […]

TripAdvisor’s New Metasearch Disappointing

TripAdvisor’s New Metasearch Is Falling Short of Expectations – Skift. TripAdvisor results are disappointing for the third quarter as it adjust to its new hotel-metasearch product. Still the company believes its hotel metasearch is a much better way to service users and suppliers. The company has pulled its TV ads while it re-test and reconsiders […]

Travelers Visit 38 Sites Before Booking a Vacation

Travelers Visit 38 Sites Before Booking a Vacation, Study Says – Skift. Part of the problem is that the travel planning and bookings systems are amazingly bad and don’t communicate well. Take a look at the alternative. A visual Booking and travel planning system that creates a dynamic grid of options that responds instantly to […]