TripAdvisor Says Forget Ads On Mobiles Tiny Screens- Get Commissions Instead – Forbes

TripAdvisor Mobile Strategy: Forget Ads On Those Tiny Screens, Instead Optimize For Clicks And Commissions – Forbes. Its an interesting and maybe accurate prediction that the advertsing business model will not work on Mobile. To some extend we are seeing it fail even on the d4esktop as travelers just are not click on links, banners […]

Discounting vs Value Add offers – ehotelier

ehotelier – Discounting vs Value Add offers. It seems shoppers say they like to get extra value when shopping. However given the choice between getting a discount and an added value on a purchase, most choose e discount not the value add. Perhaps they just don’t want to do the maths and a discount is […]

Why TripAdvisor has a chance to eat the lunch of

Why TripAdvisor has a chance to eat the lunch of Online travel agencies are massively outspending hotels in online marketing and customer acquisition, and their aggressive online and TV campaigns are driving consumer traffic to their websites, away from hotel’s official websites. Specialized hotel OTAs do not only outspend hoteliers, they also seem to […]

Google not Planning to Book Hotels | EyeforTravel

Google: talking straight or skirting the issues? | Travel Industry News & Conferences – EyeforTravel. Google says it not planning to be in the bookings business. Its facilitating people to book with who they want says Nigel Huddleston, Google’s UK Industry Head, Travel, Google controls 67.5% of the US search market, and over 80% of […]

eMarketer Graphs Rise in Mobile Bookings

eMarketer Graphs Rise in Mobile Bookings

Articles :: eMarketer. Mobile penetration is causing travel companies to develop better mobile booking experiences. The ability to purchase anything, anywhere, at any time via smartphones creates significant opportunities in the travel space in particular, given that its consumer base is by nature mobile. Travel shopping is often a “lean-back” activity, conducive to the tablet […]