Principles for Building a Sustainable Community – YouTube

Principles for building a sustainable community – YouTube. The new metric for Youtube to favour your video is Watch Time – In this tutorial Google helps us figure how to get more engagement on your videos. Its all about Creating Your Story. Hey have we missed the boat, i thought it was about providing good […]

MobileChecklist Webinar 4 – Adding Services

Latest Webinar on the MobileChecklist #4 – Adding Services Kathy reviews issues relating to third party services like booking engines, maps and RSS feeds etc. Shelly covers the tools she uses to help in evaluating and testing the many browser and device versions of your RWD website. Both provide several case studies and real world […]

Google Steps up it’s Game in the Travel – Business Insider

Can Google Disrupt The Online Travel Industry? – Business Insider.  #GoogleTravel Google is still experimenting with its online travel ventures. It has now licensed Room 77’s hotel booking software. Room 77 is a start-up backed by Expedia (NASDAQ: EXPE) , one of the leading online travel agencies, or OTAs. Room 77 software might be just […]

Facebook’s New Business Model Is Betting on The Future!

via MediaPost Publications Facebook's New Business Model: Buying Stuff 03/29/2014. According to Catharine P. Taylor of MediaPost “Facebook’s business model is about fashion, and since no one knows what will be fashionable in tech even a year from now, it is buying up all it can” And apparently the new fashion is now virtual reality […]

How Airbnb, Yelp Are Changing Hotel Marketing

How Airbnb, Yelp Are Changing Hotel Marketing | Adweek. The takeway in this article for me is the fact that thr is growing trend away from comfort and walled in hotel experience. In its place the new Millennium traveller is interested in discovering something a bit different and looking for a truly local experience. How […]