Marriott’s Tourism Video Marketing Get 1.5 mil Views – Skift

Marriott’s Tourism Video Marketing Get 1.5 mil Views – Skift

Marriott's Tourism Video Marketing

The new Two Bellmen Millennial Movie by Marriott Content Studio gets over 1.5 million views on YouTube in two weeks.

Source: Marriott’s Content Ambitions Grow With New Two Bellmen Movie – Skift

This is the second in a series of Marriott’s Tourism Video Marketing Campaign aimed at millennials – the first had 5.1 million views. It is a slick production with lots of action, on skateboards, horses and all sorts of automobiles and bikes, mostly outside the hotel. Its all about going the extra mile to help a guest who lost the flash card with their big presentation. What’s really cool is:

  1. It shows the destination with flashes of desert, sea, boating and scenery as well as the hotel.
  2. It is aimed at the upmarket millennial traveler, specking their language of high spirited activity.
  3. it high tech and highly professional using Hollywood actors and non of the cheese home grown video of many hotel videos.
  4. It hits a cord and gets views.

Its a brilliant example of  Video Marketing for tourism. According to Marriott, “the film is targeting the luxury traveler more than the last Bellmen, because it feels there’s a lack of quality content marketing in the luxury travel sector. Sponsors Tumi, Emirates, and Mercedes Benz are all portrayed in the film without deterring from it.”


Video Marketing Powering Tourism

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Video Marketing Tips 4

Video Marketing Tips – One of the Many bonus accessible when you Buy the Book Website

Tourism Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing is highly flexible and malleable. It can range from simple slideshow that communicate the point; to profession film production that communicate and entertains with authority and impact! Today smartphone video apps are now very sophisticated.

Your smartphone is a video editing studio, you can cut, zoom, splice, size, format, publish and share all withing the phone. See more about this with IGTV video created and published all from the iPhone.

Be Real

It is also important to remember that travelers love user generated content. They are looking for authenticity and real user experiences and true accounts. Highly polished Brand Marketing Videos are perfect in their own place. Just be sure to balance it with “on the spot shoots” and impromptu moments that are real and not always professionally finished or photo-shopped.


Video MultiMedia, MultiDevice, MultiChannel Marketing

This video was created several years before we had the advanced video mastering technology of today. However, it demonstrates the point well and is very relevant to tourism video marketing today! Animation tolls are far advanced and one can now shoot, edit and publish amazing video with a smartphone. Smartphone editing makes it possible to be very spontaneous and honest. You can shoot on the spot and capture real experiences as they happen.  Don’t be afraid of camera shakes and few a few bad cuts. It all adds to the experience of being real and authentic as apposed to corporate branding.



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See the video its fun and informative an indication of where video for travel is going to have to go.

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Google Urges Hotels to do More Brand Building –

Google Urges Hotels to do More Brand Building –

accord brand at googles talk on how hotels can up their gameTravel brands need to do more to elicit an emotional response from consumers and be more memorable, delegates at an Accord half day conference hosted by Google were told.

Ruairidh Roberts, industry head at Google Search,says “Travel brands need to do more to elicit an emotional response from consumers and be more memorable”  This in the opening statements of his talk to delegates at an Accord half day conference hosted by Google. He added that “regular reach with consumers was vital, but seldom happens in travel.”

In the speech where he on behalf of Google Urges Hotels to do More Brand Building, he points out that  “OTAs live and breathe in the search space.”  But hoteliers are mostly waiting those who are ready for a holiday rather than being with them all year.

“Be creative, be consistent and create memories, he said ” The way you grow brand share is regular reach with buyers in your category.”

Google itself  a brand executes marketing strategies based on four key factors “that reflect where customers are in their purchase path: See, Think, Do and Care.”

‘Care’ is for travellers who have purchased. ‘Do’ and ‘Think’ people who are poised to purchase and the ‘See’ stage is were hoteliers can build brands.

Roberts cited Google’s YouTube video sharing platform – and building content to engage with consumers. PPC and SEO are also important to the  ‘See’  but video and social are actualy more influential in building brands at the see stage.

That makes  a lot of sense as its more about giving than asking for the order in the early stages of travel planning.

A Example of how video can build trust and brand integrity is what Turkish Airlines did with a  YouTube  video showing Barcelona football star Lionel Messi with basketball legend Kobe Bryant.


A follow-up  TV ad  capitalized on the ‘Selfie’ craze and reinforced the airline’s message and brand without overtly selling tickets.

The results was a 14% increase in brand reach between 2012 and 2013.

“What you gain in brand recognition over a four quarter period is double what you would expect if you just stick to direct response.” He Added
Source: Google urges travel brands to ‘See’ the value of brand building –

Videos on Travel Site Most Popular with Travelers

Videos on Travel Site Most Popular with Travelers

Latest Survey Shows Travelers Prefer to Watch videos on Hotel Websites

In this survey, by Software Advice, shows that video is very effective and popular with travelers. In fact 51% of leisure travelers, 69% of business travelers and 55% of affluent travelers watch online travel videos and they all prefer to watch the video on the hotels own website. That is good news for hospitality managers who are looking for ways to keep visitors on their website at a time when travel shoppers visit 24 sites and easily forget where they went.

Travelers like to watch video on hotel websites

Travelers like to watch video on hotel websites

“Viewing videos on a hotels website is a win-win for the customer and the brand,” says Tyler Lessard, chief marketing officer at Vidyard (a leading provider of video marketing and analytics technologies for several industries, including hospitality). The advantage for the travelers is knowing that the content is reputable and recent, versus the slightly more ambiguous nature of YouTube. As for the hotels, when customers view videos directly on their website, those customers are kept within the same branded experience.”

Be Everywhere

Lessard goes on to say that one of the probelems of YouTube is the viewer is just a click away from viewing a competitor’s video or get sidetracked looking at someones elses playlist.
“But on your own site, you can preserve that experience, and walk them from the video to a booking more effectively.”

Hotels of course need to publish video content to all major video sites, social sites and YouTube as well as have it on their own branded website. The strategy is to optimise the market reach and allow travelers to view the content where they want and where they are.

Today YouTube videos can include a call-to-action using the YouTube Car which is now avaialable in the annotation option. Call to actions can be anywhere – We often add a Call to Action after the 1 minute mark and at the end of the video.

What to put in the Video

Hotels should provide specific visual information on rooms, amenities and how your hotel differ from other nearby hotels. “That’s important for brands to keep in mind—[you should give] people all [the] information they need on your site to bring them right through to that purchase decision”.

Lesser confirms: 57% of site visitors want to see the rooms, suites and common areas—such as the lobby—in hotel. The spa, pool or gym ranked second, with 20 percent. Other options such as natural scenery, on-site restaurants and bars and the hotel’s staff and management ranked further behind, at 9 percent, 8 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

Information needs vary for guests, so videos need to offer a variety of information: All hotels need to have at least one high resolution quality video on the accommodation options and the lobby. In adition videos should offer a look at all amenities and features that add value to the holiday experience..

“Allow them to go on their own content journey, if you will, to discover more and more of that information,” he says. “Because if you don’t have a video of your spa experience, the next hotel might—and that might be what converts that person.”

Hotel and Tourism Video Case Study

for more like this see Video SEO tactics and hotel Finder

See our summary of video marketing for a villa apartment resort in the Caribbean below.

Travel Content Takes Off on YouTube – Think with Google

Travel Content Takes Off on YouTube – Think with Google.

The latest report by Think with Google shows a that two thirds of all U.S. consumers will view online videos when planning a trip. Community-generated content and people stories are popular with travelers but the professional Brand videos, such as Turkish Airlines, Disney Parks & Resorts and Expedia, are growing at 394% yearly.

Travelers are watching more online videos and engaging with them more than ever before, views are up 118% year over year. Approximately 30% of all travel video views were on a Mobile Device in 2013, with an increase of 97% on smartphones and 205% on tablets.

Get the full details of this important survey at


for some examples of popular user generated video content check out the examples below:

Bid Data and Smart Travel Anlaytics Boosts Profits

According to McKinsey, big data leaders have 6% higher profits on average. Recognising the potential of big data, Avis Budget embarked on a voyage to become a data-driven business.

In this video presentation, Brian Dicker, VP Revenue Analysis & Decision Technology at Avis Budget, discusses how Avis Budget became a market leader in the field using data to more accurately forecast demand and grow revenue with price optimization analytics.

Key takeaways include:

People, process, technology – 3 key elements to a successful organisational transformation
How you can use the right data at the right time to drive profits
What the optimal balance between manual forecasting and automated RM systems is

Check out the conference on how to use big data for tourism – Click Here >>>

Working with YouTubers is like “PR on steroids” | The Drum

Asda's head of social questions effectiveness of traditional media as working with YouTubers is like “PR on steroids” | The Drum.

Dominic Burch, head of Asada Supermarkets, explains that it costs £150,000 a day for print advertising, but they have paid out only £100,000 to it YouTubers and has already seen “incredible” results.

The supermarket handed over control of their channel ‘Mum’s Eye View’ to YouTubers and engagement has soared. Asda video usually get a thousand or so views, but content on the Mum’s Eye View channel has pulled in one million total views and is averaging around 40,000 per video after only 14 weeks.

Heading the success was Jim Chapman, a YouTube sensation who has amassed 1.5 million subscribers to his channel.

He turns down offers because companies “want to make an ad” and not content that will resonate with his audience.

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