How to Create Magic on Vine in 6 Seconds – Jeffbullas’s Blog

How to Create Magic on Vine in 6 Seconds – Jeffbullas’s Blog.

In the just over a year since its launch Vine has had a stream of hilarious six second videos with inspirational zaniness and often intelligent and educational observations that have catapulted is userbase to over 40 million.

Here are some tips and insights into how you can create magic on Vine in 6 seconds!…Read more of this article….

As we noted many times the video is the on the frontier of travel marketing in the new world of visual first, show don’t tell and the fast evolving Visual Bookings Technology.

How Hotels use YouTube to Generate Bookings – Lodging Interactive

How Hotels Can Use YouTube to Generate Bookings – Lodging Interactive.

Bookings are 67% more likely to happen when a video tour is available.

Internet shoppers who view your video are an astounding 89% more likely to book.

YouTube hasmore than 1 billion unique visiters each month, spending more than 6 billion hours watching videos.

This year, Cisco is reporting that 90 percent of all web traffic will be video based; online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016, and globally, online video traffic will represent 55 percent of all Internet traffic by 2016.

Nielsen says that YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18 to 34 than any cable network; this is mission-critical information considering that the Millennial or Generation Y demographic will become the core customer within the hospitality and travel industries over the next five to 10 years.

The key to turning lookers into bookers is creative, relevant, content that informs and entertains travelers and prospective guests, and the best way to do that is video.

The Case For Video in Tourism Marketing – Videos Travel Far!

The Case for Video. Here is selection of studies and articles about the impact of video on #TravelShopping. It covers research bu Google and others. All point to a dramatic increase in bookings after a #TravelShopper views a video.

Lights! Camera! Action!! – Videos Travel Far.

Google Trends Study

Visuals the New Language of Travel Marketing

Case study of using video

Video blowing Mobile Ads out of the water

LodgingInteractive on How YoutUbe Drives Bookings

How Viral Video Drives Direct Response

Viral video: How direct marketers can use the internet’s latest profit-building secret – Direct Response Articles.

BlendTec Blenders video has been seen over 11 million times, driving sales of the company’s blenders to profits of 10 times this year. Their humorous video series “Will It Blend?” features their blenders mashing items like iPods and video cameras. It innovatively shows the power of their product while being funny, with a “you gotta see this” hook.

So if you want tp understand the strategies and techniques on video like this read this article..

Keep watching we are going to publish the ultimate guide to  #YouTubeAuthority.




How YouTube Can Generate Brand Authority & Bookings

How hotels can use YouTube to generate bookings.


We certainly have covered how important Video and YouTube in several articles here, this is a good round up and its current, so its worth reading.

Read it at the link above.

What we have found with YouTube is that if you set it up correctly and do about 10 things well – the Video will help you get a lot of authority for your brand and help you get listed on top of search results, getting more traffic and more direct booking..  Keep watching we are going to publish the ultimate guide to  #YouTubeAuthority.



5 Best Travel Ads to Watch

5 Best Travel Ads to Watch This Week – Skift.

Which of these 5 video ads do like best?

My vote is – I loved their last ad in 2013 (below) and this one makes me laugh. Its so tongue-in-cheek and silly, yet you get the message that they care. They don’t take themselves to seriously staying in contact with the child inside!

You can see the ad in the link to the 5 top above, and because I like it its also in one of our blogs

Here is the previous advertisement in 2013

You can detect the same deference but not so extreme!

On the subject of video working as a marketing strategy for tourism – see our blog on search ranking made easier with videos