New Visual Communications Technology Points to a Very Visual World

New Visual Communications Technology Points to a Very Visual World

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Today on the CBC I listened to a conversation about how icons may be used soon to search the web instead of words. It makes sense, imagine if you could just select a few icons or tiny images to explain what you are looking for. No more typing words and searching databases for documents that might have those worlds. The new search is visual first, both to define the search and select it from graphically enhanced databases. Words are failing us in search, but it seems there is a better way and its based on New Visual Communications Technology and leading research and work in university labs around the world.

Take for example the case when AtlantisSubmarines offering real live submarine tours of the coral reefs and underwater coats areas around tourism destination island like Barbados. Now not may people will actually search for submarine trips because its not top of mind- But if they had some icons to pick from a Submarine might well peak interest,

This video (below) demonstrates how inadequate a verbal search engine might be. Its hard to search for the right terms, and how do we know how an article of services is actually described. Visual Search may be an answer for a lot of cases.

That is just some of the promise of Visual Communication Technology in the future. You don’t need to define an image with an icon, the system does that for you. The new visual communication technology understands images. It reads the picture, the video and the text to deliver a match.

You pick you icon, a submarine, a bike and immediately it puts it into context of where you are and what you are searching for or doing on the net. Then it starts to grab information from pictures, videos and graphics on the net. It may prompt you to add more icons location, purpose, colour, fashion, style or all sorts of idea based on whats available and what you might be looking for. It may seem a crazy but highest education is studying this and finding it highly applicable to all sort of agendas.

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How to Create High Impact Presentation with HaikuDeck

How to Create High Impact Presentation with HaikuDeck

demo of how to use Haikudeck

Demo of how to use HaikuDeck to create professional visual presentation in a few clicks

As noted in a previous blog on the top presentation trends in 2015, where we mention HaikuDeck and Slideshare teaser videos. Here is a video we created on how we used Haiku in tourism promotion. The video is at the end of page along with other related video that might be helpful.

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5 Presentation Predictions for 2015

5 Presentation Predictions for 2015

5 Presentation Predictions for 2015.

Slideshare, a linkedIn company has recently added Haiku Deck to its long list of documents and keynote presentations. Earlier this year it added Video. It is the beginning of the full migration of video, animation and presentation solutions and taste of what may be coming in 2015.

Barbados Beach Holidays -

Barbados Beach Holidays Video Teaser

In this 5 point forcast (see link at top and under) of trends that will make a difference in 2015, Scott Schwertly sees the new year being one where better presentation and better engagement win the day. For engagement he expects more creative content delivered with more appeal that ever before. The integration of Haiku with Slideshare points the way. I tested it out with the short presentation below. All images were obtained from the Haiku archives and easy to find as the software monitors the words in your text and suggest meaningful images for you to use.

My personal view is that 2015 might be the end of the static sales page. Animation systems like Explainer Video, and more dynamic film editing software along with dynamic graphic system are changing how we present. Visual technology is moving rapidly to the forefront of all marketing communications and business presentation. Film, animation and graphics are merging and becoming available to everyone. Boring presentation will soon be passe as Hollywood moves to the desktop. As we have noted before  The future is visual.

Infographics Science: The Surprising Way The Brain Processes Visuals

Infographics Science: The Surprising Way The Brain Processes Visuals

Infographics Science: The Surprising Way The Brain Processes Visuals.

This article takes you behind the obvious on visual processing by Dr. Ruth Rosenholtz, the Principal Research Scientist at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. Dr. Ruth Rosenholtz, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, leads a research team that studies human vision, including visual search, peripheral vision, perceptual organization, and the impact of visual clutter on task performance.

Here are her 5 quick takeaways for better visuals at a glance

1. Focus on strong, uniformly colored elements: In each peripheral “mongrel,” these elements stand out with just a quick glance.

2. Remove unnecessary embellishments: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, leave it out.

3. Create anchors: In each “mongrel” there are anchor elements that stand out. Focus on anchors, be sure they are well-defined throughout the info-graphics.

4. Limit your color palette: Too many colors can become overwhelming and confuse the eye.

5. Don’t be afraid of going abstract: Most of the world prefer abstract subway maps instead of the geographically more accurate maps and this is true for all sorts of communication. Simplify to communicate instantly.

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MobileChecklist Update!

In a recent post we shared the mobile Site checklist by Moz Its a good basic list of things you need to have your mobile website do.

The AXSES team who created on of the first Responsive Websites Designers for a major Destination site and were pioneers in the early stages of Mobile travel with initiatives like SmartPhoneTraveller and took a look and added some points that they thought were essential to complete the Moz list. We share that below. You might also like the reports published by the same Team at AXSES Tourism development also listed in the new report.

The creators of these reports and the new technology of AXSES are Shelly Burke and Kathy-Lynn Ward who are always on the leading edge of tourism technology. And this list is their gift to you.

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6 Travel Guide Apps to Plan Your Trip – ReadWrite

6 Travel Guide Apps To Help Plan Your Next Trip – ReadWrite.

They did not specifically mention Visual Bookings Apps as seen on But they will in the future! Visual is the where travel is heading.
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What is mention in the article of the top travel guid apps is Afra, Minube, Viator, TripAdvisor, GogoBot, Triposo. All are Visual but not really using it as in the