TripAdvisor Says Forget Ads On Mobiles Tiny Screens- Get Commissions Instead – Forbes

TripAdvisor Mobile Strategy: Forget Ads On Those Tiny Screens, Instead Optimize For Clicks And Commissions – Forbes.

Its an interesting and maybe accurate prediction that the advertsing business model will not work on Mobile. To some extend we are seeing it fail even on the d4esktop as travelers just are not click on links, banners and ads like they used to. They want value added. Not a list or an option to go to another site like They know about them already.

So TA is putting bookings on its own site. The question is “Is that a value adds” The answer is no. Travelers want help in making decisions – like Visual Travel Planning and Visual Bookings technology.

TripAdvisorss CEO Stephen Kaufer believes Instant Booking will help.   TA wants to offer the best experience, particularly on the mobile, which accounts for 40 percent TAs traffic today and that is growing. It used to be TAs mission of offer the best trip planning now it is moving to offering both planning and bookings. He says: “On the desk top it is a reasonable experience. It’s what all of our customers have been doing for years and years and years. On the phone it is certainly more painful because you’re clicking off onto someone else’s site and how do you get back? It’s not easy. There’s more friction in the process.”


TAs Booking was launched in May 2014;  it will be fully implemented on mobile and partially on desktop early in 2015, TA visitors will still have meta-search options “because booking on TripAdvisor is just one option.”


As Kaufer says” “We have the most lodging choices of anyone , the most reviews to help you select which is the best property for you. We have the best price comparison. And then with Instant Book, we will offer the traveler the ability to finish the booking on TripAdvisor. But hey if you found a better price somewhere else, you are certainly welcome to click on that and book it somewhere else.”

See the article for more details


Airbnb Goes Visual: Favours Image over Text in Mobile

How Airbnb’s redesign supports the next generation of mobile travelers – Mobile Marketer – Content.

Its always a tradeoff when designing a Responsive Website for Mobile Devices and small screen viewing. On our first iteration we had a headed debate over favoring text over image. In the end Visials won out and that exactly what AirBnb has decided. The redesign reduces the amount of text to put a bigger emphasis on informational visuals, including video, to offer a more personalized experience. It is aimed at mobile-savvy travelers who are looking for a personal connection to the places they visit.

said Jeff Anulewicz, executive director of strategy and analytics at MXM sums it up as: “By reducing the amount of text, using more compelling and informational visuals, including the addition of video, and focusing on lifestyle-oriented content, they are streamlining the most meaningful information and encouraging engagement by showing vs. telling. They are emphasizing that this is not just a replacement for a hotel, but an invite to join a new community of trusted travelers and hosts, to share an experience with a stranger and perhaps, for a moment step into someone else’s life”.

Well We don’t need any argument at all. Its the reason why we build the visualbookingstechnology and reinventing marketing and travel planning as a fully visual experience.

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How Visual Platforms Are Changing Advertising \ MediaPost Publications

How Visual Platforms Are Changing Advertising \ MediaPost Publications

via MediaPost Publications How Millennials And Instagram Are Changing Advertising 07/11/2014.

Visual platforms is being touted as the future of marketing.

We covered this in several blogs over the past months. Check
How the brain processes viuals.
| new trend in visual tourism marketing

Visual Marketing sales funnel

Visual Marketing sales funnel

Marketers are moving to visual platforms, and with it we are seeing visual information being molded and configured based on behavior responsive design and intelligent systems delivering more emotionally relevant personal information.

This article says “Millennials and Instagram-style imagery are changing the way that advertising looks” But, it is more than that – Read the article then check our coverage to see the visual trends.

Visual Marketing Techology For Tourism Destinations – Slideshare

Visual Marketing Technology For Tourism Destinations.

Just Launched – new Magazine on Visual Marketing Technology – Featuring Visual Bookings, Visual Travel Planning and the Visual Marketing campaign.

This publication explains the background and details of the breakthrough technology in visual marketing technology for tourism destination. It covers the rapidly expanding role of digital images and visual communications. It show s how travellers stay 5 times longer on a site using this technology and how they convert at double the rate of traditional sales systems. The report includes a proprietary approach to marketing tourism and techniques for enhancing the travel sales funnel.

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The Impact Of Social Media In Travel Marketing- Forbes

 The Impact Of Social Media In The Travel Marketing Industry – Forbes

Now this follows up on the last two articles about why travel suppliers are missing out on social and what to do about it. This article by FORBES gives examples of winning strategies, like Four Seasons Hotel’s MaximeTakesManhatton”.es

They conclude: “It’s not just a question of establishing a Twitter feed or a Facebook page: social channels thrive on immediacy, engagement and authentic responses, so brands need to be prepared to manage the additional pressure that social places on key resources,”.

“By building the right balance between agency support and internal resources to provide the “real” voice of the brand in its interactions with consumers, brands will go a long way towards getting social right. Which leads to the second potential downfall: embracing too many channels all at once. It’s better to be visible and highly engaged in fewer channels and fully understand both the resources needed and the level of engagement that those channels engender, rather than trying to be in all channels at once.”

Those are powerful ideas. The last needs a bit of modification in my mind. With our Visual Marketing Technology we focus on getting the word out to all high impact channels. Yes we do concentrate on a few where we work to build social engagement using manual post and replies as well as technology such as our social index engine. In this framework publishing to the network is really a support of the engagement and visual communication in key channels.

See more about using your social network as part of a marketing campaign.

Booking Epic Another fantastic ad by Booking’com

▶ 2014 TV commercial: "Booking Epic" – YouTube.

I love their ads, they just step out of the mold and dont mind poking fun at anyone including themselves. Going to eat those eggs now!

Kudos to award-winning filmmaker collective Traktor

Filmed in locations in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand, the jungles and beaches in Bali and in accommodation partners.
Media buying by Wieden+Kennedy New York.

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