Snackable Content is the New Marketing Agenda

How marketing has changed to snackable content snips with high visual engagement

From Tourism Encyclopedia to Focused Call to Action

When we built the largest and most successful destination portal for the cCaribbean island of Barbados, we called it the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia, which was true to its intent and our aim to provide the most complete information on the destination. You can see it at

Over the years travel shoppers have engaged less with our client links, ads and call to actions. The reason is complex; it is a lot of factors but a large part of it is the shifting preferences of information weary shoppers. This post by VWO address this very issue and suggest the answer lies in snackable content.

As Mark Schaefer of VWO says: The Future is Snackable

“I’ll be honest here – I worship long content. A well written, informative blog, with meaty takeaways is the perfect recipe to shake the lazy grey cells from their slumber. Neil Patel concluded in a research on his blog Quicksprout that Google prefers longer blogs, but I ask you: Don’t we find a well-designed infographic or a creative meme packing an equal punch?”

In the graph on the VWO site shows how we are now all visually wired, with 70% of all your data are processed by sight and 50% of your brain is visually processing data.

Visuals are snackable
We know it works, in the same site we moved our travel planning and booking systems to a visual representation model as in Pinterest, the result was 5 times better engagement and 3 times more conversion.. see this here.

Forbes, recently added that infographics increase credibility and traffic because 90% of what we remember is related to its visual impact. Facebook noted this with an 65% increase in interactive content engagement (Video and Photo), after it changed to the timeline feature for brands.

The truth is that snacks are easy to digest and offer instant gratification. “Communication is more focused on the essence of the message than its length of our copy. Buzzfeed, Tumblr and Pinterest are all creating content in the form of memes, gifs, videos – all of which are forms of short, easy to grasp and engaging content.”

it is also more shared on social networks by friends, fans and all interested parties.


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How Visual Messaging is Transforming Travel Planning

How Pinterest and other Visual Messaging will transform travel planning.

Visual Messaging is making waves in travel. its not new but what is new in the technology that enables us to use visuals and transform them into compelling marketing messages. Its not restricted to messages at all, and as we have discussed before its just as compelling when used is Visual Bookings for travel.

In the case of Pinterest, its new “Messaging”, is a new feature on the photo-pinning platform. It is the next phase of Pinterest’s consumer engagement.

The feature is may well set the platform apart from all others as one of the most captivating in media today.

Messaging allows travelers of all types to share, search and plan trips using Pinterest’s images, products and services.

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How Visual Platforms Are Changing Advertising \ MediaPost Publications

How Visual Platforms Are Changing Advertising \ MediaPost Publications

via MediaPost Publications How Millennials And Instagram Are Changing Advertising 07/11/2014.

Visual platforms is being touted as the future of marketing.

We covered this in several blogs over the past months. Check
How the brain processes viuals.
| new trend in visual tourism marketing

Visual Marketing sales funnel

Visual Marketing sales funnel

Marketers are moving to visual platforms, and with it we are seeing visual information being molded and configured based on behavior responsive design and intelligent systems delivering more emotionally relevant personal information.

This article says “Millennials and Instagram-style imagery are changing the way that advertising looks” But, it is more than that – Read the article then check our coverage to see the visual trends.

Infographics Science: The Surprising Way The Brain Processes Visuals

Infographics Science: The Surprising Way The Brain Processes Visuals

Infographics Science: The Surprising Way The Brain Processes Visuals.

This article takes you behind the obvious on visual processing by Dr. Ruth Rosenholtz, the Principal Research Scientist at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. Dr. Ruth Rosenholtz, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, leads a research team that studies human vision, including visual search, peripheral vision, perceptual organization, and the impact of visual clutter on task performance.

Here are her 5 quick takeaways for better visuals at a glance

1. Focus on strong, uniformly colored elements: In each peripheral “mongrel,” these elements stand out with just a quick glance.

2. Remove unnecessary embellishments: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, leave it out.

3. Create anchors: In each “mongrel” there are anchor elements that stand out. Focus on anchors, be sure they are well-defined throughout the info-graphics.

4. Limit your color palette: Too many colors can become overwhelming and confuse the eye.

5. Don’t be afraid of going abstract: Most of the world prefer abstract subway maps instead of the geographically more accurate maps and this is true for all sorts of communication. Simplify to communicate instantly.

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Visual Marketing Techology For Tourism Destinations – Slideshare

Visual Marketing Technology For Tourism Destinations.

Just Launched – new Magazine on Visual Marketing Technology – Featuring Visual Bookings, Visual Travel Planning and the Visual Marketing campaign.

This publication explains the background and details of the breakthrough technology in visual marketing technology for tourism destination. It covers the rapidly expanding role of digital images and visual communications. It show s how travellers stay 5 times longer on a site using this technology and how they convert at double the rate of traditional sales systems. The report includes a proprietary approach to marketing tourism and techniques for enhancing the travel sales funnel.

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Vizify has been acquired by Yahoo!

Vizify has been acquired by Yahoo!.

In case you missed it – we have been touting the value of the visual web for a while now. It is just that people like images and a picture does say it succinctly if its done right. Vizify is one of those companies that can put anything in pictures even your own tweets if you wan See Selena Larson’s 2013 summary

Wrell Yahoo liked whaht they saw and shares the vision on making the web a more personalized visual experience so they bought them.

Here is what Vizify said about that: “As our conversations progressed, we realized we’d found a partner who shared our passion for user experience, design, and visualizing information. Ultimately, we just couldn’t say no to the opportunity to bring our vision to the hundreds of millions of people who use Yahoo every day.”

Visual are vital in travel and that s why we created the first Visual travel planning and marketing sales funnel for tourism. Check it out on the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia in Action Here >>> – Just click the options Like Beach, kitchen, eco-friendly etc to get the picture!

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