How The Visual Web Could Achieve Its Potential – ReadWrite

How The Visual Web Could Achieve Its Potential – ReadWrite. “Every single social media analytics tool that has ever been created has assumed text would be a constant,” he said. “As consumers increasingly communicate using pictures, they decreasingly use words. In a world where the text based cues become smaller and smaller, determining what an […]

How The Visual Web Will Help You See The Future – ReadWrite

Now, Pinterest is homing in on visual discovery with rich pins- associating contextual information with images. With its “Interests Project”, a service plans to know your obsessions before you realize them yourself. via Pinterest Cofounder Evan Sharp: How The Visual Web Helps You See The Future – ReadWrite.

Multi-Channel hospitality Marketing Starts with Data Management

Multi-channel marketing in hospitality starts with data management – The Analytic Hospitality Executive. Strategies for offline data cover guest profile, loyalty program data, online social, mobile, and web channel data in visual, video, audio, text and database format. This Multi-channel data provides an enormous opportunity for hoteliers to gain new insights about their customers, but […]

Google’s Secret Weapon Against Amazon: Blistering Fast Networks

Google's Secret Weapon Against Amazon: Blistering Fast Networks – ReadWrite. “Google (along with Yahoo! and Microsoft) has been buying dark fiber and deploying it between its data centers for the past decade.” These networks that connect Google data centers are capable of Terabit speed push more huge amounts of data across the strands.” Because dark […]

Re-Invent the Future

Re-Invent the Future. Re-Invent the Future from Steven Van Belleghem We are at a crossroads, it seems we have been here for a decade now. But the pace is accelerating. According to Steven van Belleghem. “The next few years will decide which business models will survive and which will undergo sweeping changes. Technological evolution, the […]