Could Facebook Soon Be the Top Advertising Network in The World

From SeekingAlpha: Facebook May Become Bigger Than Google AdSense.

This is the proposition put forward by SeekingAlpha and with good logical argument to back it up. Most impressive is the idea that Facebook now has a upper-hand in the emerging multi-device, multi-channel and multiplatform user experience, What we call the shift in how peole are working and especially travellers who research. plan and shop from many devices all over the net and on TV.

Rishad Tobaccowala, chief strategist of advertising holding company Publicis Groupe SA was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying “What Facebook is doing is potentially more powerful than what Google can currently do.”.

Interestingly the new Atlas ads platform FB is rolling out is going to allow advertisers to place ads on properties that Facebook does not own. This is similar to ADsense by Google, but of course with FB tracking and placement.

Read the article to get the full details of this important development.








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