The 2015 Customer Journey Moves to Automation | ClickZ

Key Trend for 2015: The Customer Journey Moves to Center Stage | ClickZ

According to this article by ClickZ Automation is now mainstream with leading brands. The move is taking advantage of the latest strategies and technologies of digital marketing which are embracing automation and systematization.

“Mainstream” marketers are harnessing marketing automation technologies and using their digital marketing platforms to increase efficiency and effectiveness – scheduling their emails out over time, using automation for projects like drip nurtures, or replicating campaigns for new events or product launches.” .. ClickZ

The article also points out that Leading Brands are getting better results with these digital technology and helping shoppers along the journey by offering meaningful content, appropriate follow-up with information to encourage conversion and create lifetime loyalty.

Automation which was once considered spam is now an essential part of marketing. It is simply impossible to keep on top of your market with out it. For more like this see the evolution of hospitality marketing

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