Digital Intelligence & Automation for Hospitality & Travel

Digital Intelligence for Hospitality and Travel: The technology landscape. – The Analytic Hospitality Executive.

We are already in the digital age but it is still just the beginning of the beginning, as Churchill would say not event the end of the beginning. Its a good time to start thinking about how your hotel and tourism marketing is automated. Automation is a must, we cannot keep up with event the latest Google changes let alone the entire world of change.

What we tend to get wrong in understanding technology that does things for us, is that its real value is not just that it does it, it is much more about what it knows. Automation systems are knowledge systems that should be updated with the latest big data experience and know-how. The new robots of the digital age are massive intelligent systems that we will need to work with to stay on target with our industry and our customers.

We simple cannot keep up if we try to do it all ourselves, mostly because we will not know what to do!

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