Digital Media BookBuyers Bonus Membership Launched

Anyone who buys any of the Books in the Digital Media Series “Marketing Hotels and Tourism” will have access to a wealth of information and resources to help them succeed in the digital age.

Free Membership  – a Digital Media BookBuyers Bonus

The Bonuses include Membership to a network of resources to help market destinations, hotels, hospitality and tourism.

The bonuses delves into tactics and details of subjects covered in the books:

TECHNOLOGY – coming soon

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The details explains the following:

– Membership Benefits an exclusive Digital Media BookBuyers bonus
– The Devils is in The Details
– The Cure to Technology Overload
– Special Offer to Book Buyers
– Who The Book are For

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Books may be purchased in Digital Format or in Paperback at Amazon – See Ian R. Clayton’s Authors page for All issues.

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