Digital Media Chapter 4 Bonus – Spreading the Word

Consequently, Chapter 4 Digital Media Review and Bonus is now live here >>

Chapter 4 Review and Bonus

The new page summarises Chapter 4 and provides more details on social media. The bonus, normally restricted to members and book buyers, is now available to anyone who cares to read it. It includes 7 tips on how to master Instagram. Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform, has excellent engagement. It is being used extensively by travel brands.

The bonus offers a private tip on how to expand your network by working with Influencers. It provides detailed instructions on how to repost amazing photos by professional videographers and photographers.

Reposting Instagram

Reposting @antoniodcarreira to #lifestylesoftheartisan @irclay

How to Repost influenceers' Photographs

Originally Posted by Photographer Antonio D. Carreira

Benefits of Reposting

There are many benefits to reposting trending and professional photographs. They include:

1. Increased Engagement. Beautiful, interesting and topical videos and images will engage your visitors.  Consequently, many users who are not following you may well click the ‘Follow’ button.

2. Increased Reach. You inherit fantastic content, a well-know name and all of the hashtags. As a result, you will generally expand your reach. It will help you get seen by many more people who are interested in your niche.

3. Increase in Followers. For the two reason above, you should expect to increase your followers and interactions.

Reach Out & Respect Copyright

Remember to get permission. Just leave a comment saying how much you like the photo or video and why. Try to give an informed and expert opinion. Comment on form, contrast, framing, colouring, angles, composition and special effects.

Add that you would like to use it on your Instagram and give them full credit. Most will reply quickly and thank you for reaching out. However, if they don’t reply, move on to another influencer.

Be sure to follow them. If they see that you are sending them new reach, they may well follow you too.

instagram showcase for travel

Instagram photographers are the secret weapon for travel brands and tourism destination. The beauty of the sharing economy has a huge spill over for hotel travel marketing – click for detail on how to capitalize on social! Photo by Antonio D. Carreira



Get the Review and Bonus Tips

Get details on how to do this at Chapter 4 Review and Bonus – Spreading the Word


instagram digital media marketing for travel

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