Digital Media Membership Bonus

Digital Media Membership Bonus

Membership Has Its Benefits

When you buy any of the books in the Marketing Hotels and Tourism Series, you will receive several Bonus blogs and videos. These are detailed accounts of many of the strategies in the books. For buyers of the book Digital Media, the bonuses are my continuing effort to help buyers succeed in using digital media. Buyers are invited to join our Book Buyers’ Membership.

Book Buyers’ Bonus/Membership

All Bonuses will be linked from the site Buyers must register on the site. Once registered, they will be added to the membership newsletters and updates lists. As explained in the video, Digital Media Technology is changing dramatically and these bonuses will continue to track trends as well as add helpful tips and explanations of what is happening now!

‘Now’ is a moving object and I don’t have a deadline for when it will end. Marketing Technology fascinates me and I like to share what I know, so I expect it to continue indefinitely.

The book series is, as I said, a helicopter view and gives readers a general perspective of all the moving parts.

The Devil Is In The Details

Change in technology is exponential and the rate of change is accelerating. It’s almost impossible to keep up and for non-technical people, is is daunting. Business owners and hotel and tourism professionals do not need to know it all. You don’t need to be an engineer to drive a car. You don’t have to be a software expert or technologist to use the Internet. But you do need to know your options. That is the purpose of the bonus and the membership.

The Cure For Technology Overload

The Book and Bonuses will help you understand what you need to know. They will show you what your options are and guide you to tools and resources that can help you manage digital media. Together with the Bonus and Membership, the book series is a vital course in digital media success.

Special Offers to Members

Members may be invited to join various marketing initiatives. There is a fee for service opportunities where book buyers may use our resources to help create and syndicate articles, blogs and videos to help build their brands and get more traffic. The offers can include using our Google News-Approved network to help build authority to a website and a brand name.

Who The Book ‘Digital Media’ Is For

This book is suitable for novice users of the Internet. At the same time, it is a useful reference for professional users. The Bonus material escalates over time and will be of considerable use to all readers, including digital marketing professionals.

It will help you in selecting consultants and outsourcing social media and digital marketing to others. If you want to do it all yourself, the book and its continuing blogs, videos and membership material will help you to develop and execute successful digital branding and marketing campaigns.


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