DIGITALMEDIA Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online Book2

DIGITALMEDIA Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online Book2
BOOK2-Digital Media Marketing for Hotels Hospitality

In Paperback & eBook on Amazon

Chapter 1

Digital Media Marketing Overtakes TV – Are You on the Boat?

If you are not implementing Digital Marketing Strategies in your hotel, tourism or business your are missing the boat. Not only that, you will get left behind as your competitors are sure to be on that boat. That is why I wrote the book. It’s a guide and a resource that explains what’s happening and gives you the tools and strategies to take control of your marketing and excel in the digital age.


Why Digital Media Marketing Hotels & Tourism

what is digital mediaFirst off one must understand what is Digital Media Marketing. It is all explained in this book, but for a quick primer you can see the video below. It’s really the future of media and marketing where everything can be programed.  That is, you can program what to deliver, where, when and to whom. You can program it so that users can access what they want and when they want it. That is very different to how things were and soon all will be digital, programmable, automated and distributed online to diverse audiences.

The Digital Media Marketing Book by Ian R. Clayton is the second book in the series Marketing Hotels Tourism Online – It follows the best Selling Book WEBSITE and takes the discussion off your site and onto  the Internet.  In this book Ian concentrates on driving traffic to your sales funnel and your website. Needless to say it will not work if your website is not properly optimized and we do recommend you read WEBSITE  first. 

As noted, Digital Media Marketing is the way of the future. Every business must have some understanding of the technology to succeed. Even if it is all outsourced hotels, tourism,  business managers and owners need to understand the options in order to manage their people, contractors and their business. This is precisely what the book does, laying it out in easy to follow simple language for all to understand.

What Follows

On this page you will find links to buy the book and to a membership site that is available to book buyers (1).  Several chapter of the book have been summarized in review videos starting with Chapter 1 the Introduction (2), which follows book buyers info. There are also several trailers  (3) that explain who the book is for, what it covers and what you can expect from it. They follow the Chapter 1 Review. At the bottom of the page is a link to more information on Book1 – Website (4)


Book Buyers Information

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Book Chapters & Content Review

Review Chapter 1 – Introduction to Digital Media

See Chapter 2 Review – Building Your FootPrint

How Digital Has Surpassed All other Forms of Advertising – Chapter 1

This video is a reviews of the Introduction to the Book by  Ian R. Clayton. Here is what he says:

Its me Ian, best selling author of the Book WEBSITE, and an award winning pioneer in digital media, featured in the NEW YORK Times and countless media. I am just making a video on each chapter of my new book Digital Media.

The book Digital Media cover what you need to know to make Digital Media work for you – See all the chapters in the video here …. but lets get into the meat of it.

digital media advertising overtakes TVThis video is about the Introduction. It  explains why I wrote the book really.

Here you see just what has happened. Digital is the new reality. Digital ads on the Digital Media platforms is now greater than TV and the trend toward digital is accelerating!

A key criteria for this is what we call programmatic– that simply means that content can be programmed, manipulated and customized on the fly, in an instance and reconfigured to respond to every single need.

It is making content and advertising more available, not just to larger marketers but also to local and smaller advertisers.

And it is making content instantly available to the right audiences in formats that are right for them.

Pull vs. Push Advertising


We communicate personally, one-on-one, peer-to-peer and deliver messages on demand.

We have moved from pushing content out to consumers, to having it pulled from the Internet via searches, channels and action that consumers choose and the question they ask.

That is what is so special – its personal. And if you understand how it works it will change everything you do.

That is why this book is so important. It is a guide, packed full of wisdom and years of experience to help you excel in the digital age . It shows what, how, why and who as i share my knowledge, the tools that i use and resources that can help you.

Get the book on Amazon at And be sure to register at because everything is changing and  I am going to give you important updates on whats working or not at different occasions.  


Next Chapter #2  The Perils of Your Footprint

Trailer Videos Digital Media Marketing Book 2

Marketing Hotels and Tourism – How to build a lasting brand and get more direct bookings using online media.

Also See Video Review of the Chapters

#1 Ads on Digital Media Overtakes all Other Forms of Advertising — Chapter 1 Intro- See Above >>>

#2 Building Your Digital Footprint and Avoid Fatal Mistakes Many Marketers Make — Chapter 2 Footprint

#3 How to Build an Authoritative Brand with Content Marketing — Chapter 3/4 Content Marketing

#4 As above

#5 comings soon






Hotel Website Optimization

WEBSITE – Your Brand Ambassador


4. BOOK 1 WEBSITE   Get Details Here >>>

This is a recommended reading for Digital Media – Your website is your brand – no one else will promote it and feature it from your brand perspective.

It is vital to understand how best to project and protect your brand in a market that is dominated by agents and distributors who more are treating hotel brands as commodities.





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