Book Preview Marketing Hotels and Tourism Series

Book Preview Marketing Hotels and Tourism Series

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Book Preview Marketing Hotels and Tourism  Series & Bonus

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What’s Covered in the Book

Table Of Contents

Hotel Website Optimization

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— Series 1 WEBSITE Optimization
Make your website engage, convert
and get more direct bookings

1. Introduction
2. Travel Marketing Then and Now
3. Your Tourism Marketing Plan
4. The Keys to Traffic
5. Perfect Your Presence
6. Web Strategy Process
7. Site Navigation & linking
8. Blogging for travel
9. Build & Market 5-Star Reviews
10. Hot Buttons & Videos
11. Be Mobile Friendly

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— Series 2 DIGITAL MEDIA  Marketing
Build your digital network and reputation
to get found and get booked. Easy as apple pie!

BOOK2-Digital Media Marketing for Hotels Hospitality

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1. Introduction
2. Building Your Footprint
3. Content Marketing
4. What, Where, When
5. Getting On The Map
6. Optimize Your Mobile Marketing
7. Building Your Social Network
8. Reputation Marketing
9. Your Travel Sales Funnel
10. Staying On Top

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— Series 3 Technology & Automation -Preview
How to prevent the OTAS from eating your Apples.

Hotel marketing technology to build brand authority,
control distribution and convert bookings

Technology for marketing hotels and tourism online

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1. Are OTAS Eating Your Apples
2. Get more Direct bookings
3. Getting the Most out of emails
4. Protecting Your Brand
5. Prefect the Sales funnel
6. Big Data & Personalization
7. Behavior Responsive Systems
8. Putting it all together
9. The future is NOW
10. Resources

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 Sneak Preview -Excerpts from the book:

Book Preview Marketing Hotels and Tourism Series – This review is for the first book in the Series – WEBSITE

First paragraphs of the the last chapter – Your Guide to The Future

Living with change

This morning, as I read the news and pondered over the state of search marketing as we go to press, I was perplexed by Google’s continuing moves to change everything we know to something we can’t yet imagine. Then it came to me as a sudden insight; they don’t want to have organic search based on keywords at all.  That is what’s behind their latest update to make all search secure and not allow anyone to know which words are being used to search for anything.

Wow! That changes everything. Keywords are not a long-term solution, at least as far as Google is concerned. They really want their own choices to prevail and ultimately their own properties, affiliates, partners and products. That will take some time but it is on its way.

What is more immediate is that this marks the beginning of end of keywords as master of Internet Marketing.  It signals a move away from search marketing because without knowing what people are searching for, we can’t effectively market on search engines. It might mark the return of marketing to People (who) rather than Topics (what). See our discussion re keywords and topics.

The good news is that not all the search data will be lost, and this major change is not total nor immediate.  SEO marketers can still get organic results for Google, as well as keyword-specific data for other engines.  It will not disappear entirely, but the intention is clear.

The better news is that it makes sense. It actually moves us to marketing based on meaning and quality content as apposed to keywords. Now that is a subject that we cover in some depth in the Book. It is covered in “When Words Fail you” and in “Living in a Topical World”. The Internet has changed marketing from who (people) to what (topics and words) and its now time to start thinking about who we are marketing to again….

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