Does Tourism Industry Understands Mobile – Tnooz

Does Tourism Industry Understands Mobile – Tnooz

Lee McCabe, head of travel at Facebook, and a veteran of Expedia, suggest that travel suppliers are not on the ball with mobile and many don’t get it. He starts of in this interview by sayoing most hospitality companies do not understand mobile:

“We’re moving away from this world where people will browse 20 to 30 different websites. Surfing, browsing, and searching. We’re moving toward apps. On mobile devices, apps offer a superior user experience than the web does. That’s why show something like 80% of the typical mobile user’s time is spent on apps.

A huge chunk of that, maybe 25% of that mobile usage, is time spent on Facebook’s own app, people’s window on the world.

But its not actually as clear as that . See our notes on Why Hotels don’t have to jump on mobile apps right now _ See the article on Google & Html5. That of course does not mean they don not need a mobile strategy.

The interview is pretty deep and discussed may topics including the fact that maybe fans are not booking. Great article that covers a lot of ground.

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  1. According to Qubits MOBILE in the shopping mix is an advantage for tourism.

    The mobile visitor presents a greater opportunity for travel businesses – approximately 8% of travel visitors used mobile, whereas only approximately 4% of visits to retail sites came from mobile.

    Generally, visitors are less accustomed to making large purchases on mobile. The on-the-go nature of the mobile purchase means the large difference in conversion rates makes sense, as people are more accustomed to spending big on their computers.

    Tablets are often used for browsing in the living room, where the second-screen generation make many of their big spending decisions. The high street has become the couch. Despite this, the difference in conversion rates is still smallest for computers. It seems the oldest platform is still the most trusted and seemingly the best optimized for conversion.

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