Don’t Get ‘Scroogled’ By Google’s Keyword Changes

Lodging Interactive Blog: Don’t Get ‘Scroogled’ By Google’s Latest Keyword Changes.

Google is planning to make  “keyword marketing” redundant!

Hotel, Hospitality  & Tourism  marketer, are  wondering what to do to make sure they don’t get “Scroogled.”  Its not new and G has been  moving to this since 2011. But many hotel websites are built around keyword SEO models and they are going to be effected when this new algorithm rolls out.

Its time to change from words to meaning

G is saying start  to be more engaging with content/page centric approach and concentrate on meaning rather that words.

The new algorithm hasn’t yet rolled out to 100% of the web, and it may take several months to fully deploy. But it is time to put your “house in order”.

This article covers what you need to do and how. Read More

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