Europe’s Copyright Law Will Kill Curation


Europe’s New Copyright Law Will Spook Startups

Source: Europe’s New Copyright Law Will Spook Startups

The European Union’s GDPR legislation, has had major impact on business as usual in Europe: Many websites have just blocked users as the implication og GDPR could be critical. Instapaper refused to serve even existing users as the consequience of not complying with GDPR was to dire, and compliance too extreme. the latest Copyright Law will kill curation and content marketing and syndication as we know it.

The End of Curation & Syndication in Content Marketing

how to optime content for seoThe new legislation is now targeting Google News and similar aggregator site. It an important part of the web that allows publishers ti share date to their own users. In Spain and Germany  Google News shut down and local publisher lost huge traffic.

The new laws now puts the onus on the publisher. Therefore publishers must assure there is no copyright infringement on any content that is shared on their sites.  That liability is not limited to big brands and commercial enterprise.  Community based services like Wikipedia and open source systems like GitHub will have to study what constitutes ‘copyright’ content and remove it from the site.

How it Might Backfire on Europe

For Europe’s entrepreneurs and founders, the new will have investors asking  why should they start a new business there. Start-ups risk large fines if the don’t comply with what is punitive legislation. it will be hard to to raise capital, and deal with Europe’s overbearing red tape. They will most like want to start in a business friendly regime in US and Canada.

europe's new copyright law bad for business

Europe’s copyright law will kill curation and content marketing as we know it!


Read this illuminating article on the consequences of Article 11 and 13 in the new copyright legislation.

This will seriously hinder Europe’s ability to compete as a destination for news technology. As Crunchbase says “the risks will simply be too high for even the safest of bets”.

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