Facebook Sued for Sharing Users Info

BBC News – Facebook to compensate users for sharing details on ads.

“Approximately 614,000 Facebook users whose personal details appeared in ads on the site without their permission will each receive a $15 (£9.65) payout”

On its own this is a newsworthy post. But look behind the headlines. How many marketers use Facebook users face shots ob their marketing websites? Many of us are embedding social charts on our own websites. Does this case suggest we need to ask users if we can use their images. Phew! that would put an end to a lot of Facebook sharing across all sort of sites. Food for thought!

Relevant Details of the Case

In this settlement it was estimated that Facebook made about $73m (£47m) in profit from the Sponsored Stories featuring details of the 150 million members. Claimants however could not prove they were “harmed in any meaningful way”.  This move was estimated by the plaintiff’s lawyers to cost Facebook $145m in advertising revenue.


See more >>> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-23848323

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