Forrester Survey Show Facebook Failing Marketers

 Forrester Surveys Show Facebook Fails its Advertisers & Marketers

Facebook made $4 billion in advertising revenues in 2012, Yet relatively few of the companies that advertise find success. The Forrester survey of 395 marketers at large companies across the US, Canada and the UK only to find that Facebook creates less business than any other digital marketing channel.

Nate Elliott, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester says “Its time for Facebook to refocus its efforts and realize its enormous potential”. To do that, he belives facebook must build bridges between companies and their customers, to fully leverage social affinity data within your ad targeting products, and listen to marketers. And he adds a warning “But you must act quickly, before more marketers act on their growing dissatisfaction and start earmarking an increasingly smaller budget share to your company. I hope our research convinces you and your team to change course”.


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