Getaway Travel with Tiny Houses in the Woods

Source: Getaway Travel By Tiny houses in the Woods

Here is a new form of affordable getaway travel. The company getaway makes tiny houses and places them in woods just outside of the city. A great place for city dwellers to escape the noise and bustle of the city and live for a while in highly self sufficient and environmentally house in the woods and off the grid.

As they say its the anti-vacation. right now its targeting urban dwellers “who work too many hours, are too connected, prioritize experiences over things and are desperate to find ways to disconnect and recharge.” in addition is is “unlike vacations – which are expensive, far away, crowded, come with a long list of things to do and see and infrequent – a Getaway is nearby, affordable, prods you to do nothing at all and is intended for you to escape a frequently as you need to stay fresh.”

Tiny houses in the woods are an adventure experience and a way to find balance and be well.

Great idea why not take to vacation land. Why not just build houses like this all over the world. Its has huge potential to deliver smart and environmentally friendly affordable housing to the world!

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