Google Gets Tough on Poor Content | Online Journalism Blog

SEO recruiters look for journalists as Google gets fussier | Online Journalism Blog.

Can journalist save SEO? – It seems that many SEO companies think so and are looking for journalist to help them create good quality content that will not get them penalized by new Google algorithms.

The algorithms now analyse the amount of links pointing to a page, and also assesses the quality of the content. Factors such as how much time users are spending on that page or how many social shares it has are taken into account.

Joe Sharp, Head of SEO at Hearst Magazines tells is like it is: “For a long time there was a very poor practice in online marketing, Generic advertorials were duplicated across multiple sites with strategic links engineered to increase SEO value”.

Sharp also thinks there is a major need for quality writing in marketing and SEO is conforming: “Marketing agencies are re-branding themselves as specialists in content marketing as fast as they can, but there is a shortfall in the skillsets required to tell a good story and create compelling content that appeals to large audiences.”

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