Google’s Smartwatch Plans Revealed |

Android Wear Operating System is making its debut on somebodies wrist right now

Android Wear: Google’s Smartwatch Plans Come Into Focus |

Ok I get it – I think?

I am not big on gadgets and I like my slimline watch that looks elegant and discreet. But maybe one can compromise and wear a watch the size of a padlock on your wrist, if it does something really useful. And that to me would have to offer a convenience that i don’t have with my smartphone. Drive and talk maybe?

Its convenient that i don’t need to dig into a pocket and turn on my iPhone. Its nice you can just say Ok Google and see whats up in your area. As a traveller getting convenience is key. So i am waiting to see just want apps it has. Will let you know my thought after a test drive on someone elses wrist!

I have this picture of the future where we carry around an arsenal of smartdevices all interconnected. Wearable devices like glasses, phone, watches, health monitors, medical bands, mental aids and stress pads, then ipads, laptops and home computers all wired up with car systems home system and office systems telling us its time to turn on the stove and hit the brakes!


Read the article and let us know what you think. It does seem the Google has leapfrogged Apple in this area. That’s a whole other story cover in the article – How quickly they change, welcome to the future now!


Android Wear: Google’s Smartwatch Plans Come Into Focus |

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