Googles Trip Planner Boosts Hotels With Good SEO

Source: Google’s New Trip Planning Search Display Underscores the Importance of Maintaining SEO Efforts


In a recent post we looked at what google Trip Planner (first launched on mobile) was all about (link below). We looked at what it was and how it was going to change search marketing. We also looked at how Googles Trip Planner Boosts Hotels With Good SEO and offered tip on how to position hotels on google with SEO and google friendly strategies. Today Hebs shows us what is happening.

Google Mobile Travel Web Replacing Search Results

Hebs takes a up close look at exactly what it means to Hoteliers and it is all good news. We covered this is the article above but since that time we have more evidence of what us happening. According to HebS ” In the past, users searching for relatively vague keyword terms such as “where to go in California” would be funneled into large travel guide-style sites such as TripAdvisor or Fodor’s.” Now with Googles’ Trip Planner users see more  hotels in the search results.

According to HEBS  over 30 percent of hotel website revenue is derived from organic search engine links back to the hotel website.  Their suggestion to increase this is to be sure that the website has great content. “Content should go beyond “hotel website copy” to inform and entice the visitor with insightful area information. A hotel website should do much more than provide basic information about the property. In-depth descriptions of the attractions and activities surrounding the property help to position the hotel as a champion of the destination and a beacon of local know-how and knowledge.” Thin, boilerplate-style area guide content is not going to help travelers and does does not boost search engine ranking and visibility. It is now vital for hotels to have helpful local guides and interactive maps such as the one below.





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