Hot to Build a Content Marketing Pyramid: Create More With Less

The Content Marketing Pyramid: Create More With Less.

My Buddy Errol Griffith will soon publish his new book on “Our Power of Choice”. He asked me for advise on what he should do. “Build your social network now” – I told him, then start to post notes and announcements to the network. To start you don’t need a website that can come later, just use your Facebook page with linked from the url we set up at we can build blogs, videos, websites, magazines and lastly your book.

And that is exactly what is prescribed here by Panwan Deshpande CCO of the Content Marketing Institute. Simple put start of with easy and frequent content and move up the later to more detailed information and presentations.

Content needs to be Refined

Content  has become the foundation of all marketing, and travel is no exception. Content now needs to be re-shaped and reinvented so that it is tailored exactly to your clients needs, that is your many clients’ needs.

The need for tailor made content has become paramount now as we are bombarded by message and don’t have time to wade through generalization and the traditional one size fits all. Understanding the pyramid can help is targeting your content, and that is nicely described in the article by Panwan – read it here >>>


More on the Power of Choice, coming soon!.
Errol has pioneered this idea into a reality with his courses and teaching to people of all standing from prisoners to pensioners. The idea is now moving into the classrooms to empower children to understand the world beyond the traditions of our educational systems. It is an exciting project which we will share with you on many platforms.




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