Hotel Payment Plan at Expedia Boosts Bookings

Expedia says new hotel payment plan is a bookings booster – Travel Weekly.

This should put an end to that cash grab some were planning. Hotels have been thinking well if Expedia can get paid up front then I want to too.

The fact is traveleres are shifting away from that model and choose booking portals that are commission based where they do not have to upfront. In hardly no time at all Expedia business has shifted from pay up-front to now fully 50% pay at hotel. And it is held back by the fact that not all hotels have switched yet to the new program. Further those that have are getting more bookings than every.

Clearly the consumer has spoken. We see the end of the merchant model for online retail bookings soon.

And the next big thing that wil shake the OTAs is See how a small Island in the Caribbean Barbados, is leading the way with innovation in travel.

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