How Airbnb, Yelp Are Changing Hotel Marketing

How Airbnb, Yelp Are Changing Hotel Marketing | Adweek.

The takeway in this article for me is the fact that thr is growing trend away from comfort and walled in hotel experience. In its place the new Millennium traveller is interested in discovering something a bit different and looking for a truly local experience. How far can this go? All the way i guess when we have “Canine Cocktail hours, where local residents are invited to the hotel for an evening with their pets.”

In our own marketing we have seen some strength in travel for the independent minded. Not that all inclusive are dead by any means, but their is a growing market for the independent traveller who just does not want to be part of the crowd.

Poinsettia Villa Apartments, an Ocean View Resort in St. Lucia articulates this well and of all pages on their rates page see Whats in A Rate Here >>>

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