How Facebook Native Video is Engaging Brands

Why Facebook Video is taking Market Share From YouTube


facebook video interactions blast past youtube

Brands have jumped on the Facebook video Bandwagon with the new revamped Facebook native video.  Media moguls like CNN, The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed are leading the charge. And some are getting great results. Take ESPN, as an example. “They  had 15 Facebook native videos that logged 53,000+ shares. This volume of shares is significant when compared to its previous 15 YouTube videos, which only logged 6,500 shares.” More at

But we must not forget that YouTube is still in the drivers seat in  many respects.  It is the second largest search engine in the world with three billion queries every month.


YouTubes’ size and scale ensures that it will be a long term player and Brands need to place their feet on all sides of the fence.


Here in this info-graphics discover the facts and judge for yourself!


How Facebook Native Video is Engaging Brands

Infographics by One Productions charts media comments and growth of Facebook native video in relation to YouTube


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