How Fragmented Marketing is Killing Business

This blog on Fragmented Marketing is part of the AllCast Power Marketing Consultants private members DVD video and audio collection. These are tapes by PMC founder Diego Rodriguez that cover 17 areas of market strategies and tactics used in the PMC network. AllCastMarketing is making several of these available to members and for now membership is still free so it a great time to get in on one of the best power marketing training anywhere. The tapes and other strategic resources, tips, guides and checklist are available on the Members Site at

In this video the 3rd in the series of the Rodrigues PMC taps, Diego explains how we all get sucked into allowing marketing to become piecemeal and fragmented. Mostly Fragmented Marketing happens by false economy, when business owners allow printers and graphic artists to dabble with content. But content is the brand message. It has to form part of an overall messaging strategy. In building the message we need to consider everything about the brand; its triggers, hot buttons, sales funnels, channels, media and its various markets. Behind all of this is understanding neurological science of the brain and how the reticular activators work.

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You simple cannot expect a printer to know all the intricacies of your brand and your market and more importantly your strategy and the psychology behind it. For this you need a consultant to help build a plan and strategies to accomplish the objectives.

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