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travel personalisation for small brands

Source: How smaller travel brands can ride the personalization wave | PhocusWire


In this article Phocuswire does away with all the excuses small hotels and tourism operators face when trying to market in digital media. There are many obstacles, not least of which is the predominance of huge players that dominate the landscape. It’s time they say to get over the obstacles and focus instead on “How Small Travel Brands Personalize Vacations ”

They suggest that independent work with Influences to personalize, make optimal use of their websites and think small. Apparently Millennial’s are all-in travel enthusiasts and show a preference for texting and emails. They want to  know more about the quirky, out-of-the-way, authentic and character based elements of a destination”.  Email is one of the very best way to reach  help them discover who you are.

Its a matter connecting the persona of your property with the travelers personal interest and character.

More people Travel than Ever Before

Travelers are taking vacation more than ever before. this is good news fir hotels and accommodation of all sorts. Its good news for Hotel Marketers and for tourism operators and destinations. But their are many options and getting on top of a bucket list takes focus and engagement at each step of the journey. Most importantly hosts need to “understand what journeys were most preferred by visitors. Host need to find the elements of those journeys had breakage or hurdles to conversion”.  With this information one can optimize the connections between their own campaigns and website and set the stage for personalization along the way.

“Travelers ultimately want a relevant experience, and the best way for marketers to provide it is to put personalization first.” Source Phocuswire

Research Shows Personalisation Increases Conversion

The latest findings by Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly Report provides compelling insights into how this works. It found that customers who were exposed to 3 pages of personalised content had double the rate of conversion. When exposed to 10 Personalized pages the rate increased 10 fold.

For this to work one must truly understand the travelers journey and be able to infer  needs from behaviour. Websites are not designed this way and instead gives traveller endless choice to wade through. Travelers want recommendations not more choice.