How the On-Demand Economy Is Reshaping Travel – Skift Paid Report

Here is a summary of the Executive Summary – The full report of  how the on-demand economy is reshaping travel is not a free report. It costs 245$ and I did not buy it YET!  I can’t give you a heads up on the quality of the report or what details it covers other than the notes in the summary. But the concept is very timely. Billions of investment dollars are being put into new startups and old companies that are building application and platforms for the  on-demand model. As they say in the Exec Summary, “The market for on-demand services promises significant returns.”

The summary says we see this with apps for pre-departure on-demand options for passengers and on-board streaming content is providing movies, music, and TV as well as providing pay as you go bandwidth for all Wi-Fi users. Hotels are also now able to offer guests more optional services both in the room and out of it. This includes in-room services, as well as meals and amenities.  I can see this applying to local activities, with hotel sponsored special deals and coupons guests may download to their smartphones and tablets.

I wonder how insightful and helpful the report is so i am going to ask Skift to let me review t for my readers. Check back soon!!


Source: How the On-Demand Economy Is Reshaping the Travel Experience – Skift

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