How The Visual Web Could Achieve Its Potential – ReadWrite

How The Visual Web Could Achieve Its Potential – ReadWrite.

“Every single social media analytics tool that has ever been created has assumed text would be a constant,” he said. “As consumers increasingly communicate using pictures, they decreasingly use words. In a world where the text based cues become smaller and smaller, determining what an image represents becomes harder and harder.” so says ReadWrite.

Visual Web Companies may resolve this in several ways, mainly vendors are starting to develop technology that reads the images themselves. Facebook has long had this with its less-than-reliable facial recognition software. GazeMetrix takes this  further, by identifying brands and logoson an image. Curalate itself uses a technique called “pixel recognition” to literally identify images on the Visual Web by their pixel makeup.  As we noted in a recent post, Printerest is working with Rich Pins that makes it easier for the Pinterest algorithm to recognize and categorize Pins

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