How to Avoid Getting Slaughtered by Penguin 3.0

How to Avoid Getting Slaughtered by Penguin 3.0.

This article archives the various version of Penguin and what the target and who got hit.

ANCHOR TEXT is Bad for you

So if you were not hit with 2.0 make sure you are on the right track for 3.0 – and one he big issues Neil wants us to understand that Anchor is on its way out. In fact, even more that 1 in 100 links back to your site with optimized exact match keywords in the link might hurt you.

Neil says: “You should get rid of the exact match anchors. You probably have lots of URL anchors. These are not exact match. An exact match anchor occurs when the non-URL title of the page corresponds to the anchor text. In the example mentioned above, “cheap cell phones” is going to This is an example of a link that should be removed.”.

What will Penguin target Next?

Anchor-text | Low-quality backlinks | Links from Private  Blog  Networks | Paid Links

Are you at risk?

Penguin 2.0 didn’t affect every site, and neither will Penguin 3.0. To play it safe, you should always be auditing your content and link profile. To find out if you’re at risk for Penguin 3.0, first find out if you were affected by Penguin 2.0.



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