How to Create Awesome Content for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – Jeffbullas’s Blog

How to Create Awesome Content for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – Jeffbullas's Blog.

In this blog Jeff Bullas reminds us tat all social media is not created equal. They have their own personalities and when using them for marketing it good to know the differences:


Facebook takes all your high school acquaintances, your college chums, and your outlandish family members and squishes them together digitally. People like to reminisce and chat about the good ol’ days. While it is possible to get some work done, most Facebook users don’t take things too seriously.


Think of Twitter as a really loud, rambunctious cocktail party. Because everyone is talking at once, you’ll probably only manage superficial, impersonal relationships. If you want to establish meaningful connections, you’re going to have to work at it.


Google+ is like your high school Spanish club. Everyone comes together to share a similar passion. It’s easy to connect with likeminded industry leaders, but it might be difficult to branch out once you’ve branded yourself in one niche.

Now that you have a feel for who is interacting where, let’s look at specific tips on how to create awesome content and write the perfect social media post.


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