How to Optimize Content to Get Featured

We just added a page to the Chapter 3 on Contact Marketing.   The new page provides tactical information on how to optimize content to get featured.

Content must be presented, formatted and organized in a specific way so that it can get indexed, ranked, found and featured.  If you do it right you may also get your content published on the news category of search. This will have a major impact on your visibility. It is something every travel marketer should aim to for.

The new page explains exactly how to optimize content to get featured. The 9 most essential criteria are identified and ranked in order of importance. Normally 4 or 5 tactics are all you need and these cannot be be omitted.  More can be added if the keyword is very competitive.

Also considered are off-site strategies including bookmarking and link-building. The page links to information on how to tweak your content so that it can get featured in Google news.

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How to Optimize Hotel Marketing Content is important in making digital media work. Content they say is king, but it can only work if it can be found

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