How to Personalize Travel Websites for Independent Travel Brands

How to personalize travel websites for independent travel brands.

Travel brands are challenged to deliver customized experiences across demographics. This article present several technologies that help to deliver a customer-specific experience.

Strategies discussed include re-targeting and ancillary marketing based on the booking information such as room category, number of people, dates, etc. Travel brands can take this data and offer a discounted purchase for a relevant ancillary product immediately after, or even during, the purchase. With this approach the customer can see that they will benefit from a lower price or an enhanced product by booking the product immediately.

Their is more to it than that of course and the report looks at reassurance messaging, mobile technology and website interface technology.

We have covered this also in other post that do a bttter job at look at visual; behavior responsive technology that can create real personalization on the fly see

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