Instagram Strategies Tapping Influencers in Tourism

This instagram tutorial explain all you need to know about influencers. Several Instagram Strategies Tapping Influencers in Tourism are examined. The specifics of how this applies to marketing hotels and travel are explained in detail.

There are Mega influencer, Micro Influencers and right now the trending influencers are Nano-influencer. An article in New York Times says that the nano influencers are offering the best value today. These are account with about 1000 highly targeted and engaged followers. The training explain why big is often not better. You will learn

The article discusses:

  • how to attract influencers –
  • how to identify and select the ideal match
  • how to reach-out to those you want to work
  • how to analyze their accounts
  • how to optimize your account so that influencers will want to work with you
  • how to define and target your niche
  • what it cost and what to expect

The training is easy to follow with many links to resources, case studies and examples.
Tools and apps that can help you build and manage your influencer marketing campaigns are also included.

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Strategies Tapping Influencers

The Instagram Strategies Tapping Influencers in Tourism tutorials are part of a bonus for book buyer who have purchases any of the books in the series “Marketing Hotels and Tourism” – It is now open to all hotel tourism and hospitality professionals. The instagram series will contain about a dozen session covering all major ares of marketing with instagram.

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