Is Facebook a waste of time for businesses?

Is Facebook a waste of time for businesses?.

Facebook mission is deliver content that users read and to get rid of ‘spammy’ or unrelated information. Facebook has recently changed to its systems to eliminate this kind of information and because of this brands have had an average decline of 44 per cent in customer reach.

As a result, brand pages now reach under 3% of Facebook users.

In this article Gina Lednyak looks at how businesses can find a solution to this? And helps us understand the Facebook algorithm.

For example Gina writes “In August Facebook acknowledged that each user has, on average, 1,500 potential stories to view each time they log in. Now, the latest algorithm changes will prioritise just 300 posts per user. This algorithm is determined by three factors: affinity, meaning how much a user interacts with a page; weight, how valuable a post type is; and decay, or how long a post has been online.”

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