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Marriott Takes the Bull by the Horns

With all the talk of decline in referrals from OTAs and the counter trend in growth of direct bookings for XYZ generations, Marriott has taken the bull by the horns and wrestling OTA bookings to the ground. Their new campaign “it pays to Book direct” is a bold move to take back booking that might otherwise go to On line travel agents and decrease their revenue by the 30% or so the pay Expedia and others.

Direct Bookings build Brand Integrity

But the main reason why direct bookings is a priority for Marriott  is that it gains back customer ownership and builds brand integrity.

To get booking on their website Marriott is offering benefits like the company’s best rate guarantee.  “If consumers find a better rate elsewhere, the company’s best rate guarantee will match it and give them an additional 25 percent discount.” They are also making sure customers who book direct earn loyalty points which can be used on future stay.  Loyalty members also get additional benefits, including free Wi-Fi, mobile check-in, and special offers for loyal members only.

Loyalty Benefits Boosts Website Booking

Drew Pinto, vice president, distribution strategy for Marriott says: “Our guests who book direct get access to our best rates, every room we have available and the most accurate and trustworthy information about our hotels. Booking direct is also best way for customers to personalize their stay with us.”

The direct bookings campaign is launched with a series of videos which are fun and entertaining while deliver a clear message on how it pays to be direct.

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Breakdown of Hotel Direct Booking By Source

source of direct bookings to hotels by WHIP

Hotel direct booking source survey 2014 – WIHP Hotels

According to WHIP direct bookings from OTAs has been on the decline for some time but it is still strong and growing. The chart above shows friends referral to be a main source with twitter being at the bottom of the heap. “Repeat guests are and increasing category and this could be attributed to implementing better long term marketing strategies with clients.”  See Whip Hotels for details


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XYG generationThe X to Z emerging markets that like to book direct

mariott takes the bull by horns

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