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Hoteliers are not big on LinkedIn, while many have booking apps on facebook (like, most hotel managers are just not sure how to use LinkedIn. THis articles gives some helpful pointers on networking with this business oriented social platform.. I found it list of hotel friendly groups a good resource.. Here is what they share:

Groups for Hotel Sales Opportunities

Hoteliers need to get a lot more proactive! It’s time to find the prospects you want for your business. First, joining some hospitality LinkedIn groups will increase your audience. 
A few Linkedin groups for hoteliers:

HSMAI – Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International
Hotel Owners & General Managers
Hotel Marketing & Social Media Strategies
Hotel Industry Professionals Worldwide Hoteliers & Hospitality Professionals

American Hotel and Lodging Association


Hospitality Group


HFTP Los Angeles Chapter

HSMAI Los Angeles

Luxury Hotel Sales & Marketing Manager’s Club

Independent Hotel Owners

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