Marketing Careers – Top 10 International Marketing Careers

1m6.jpgMarketing career in an international level makes you responsible for convening the total dealing of the international marketing attempt of an organization. This involves meetings with international clients, understanding the needs of an industrial scenario being country or region specific whenever possible and the policies to be adopted therein. Coordination in international marketing becomes a significant issue as the work area becomes almost the entire planet.

1. FMCG constitutes of the most famed marketing careers in international marketing option. International marketing attributes necessary details through product development and its portrayal into the international market. It is no doubt the most high skilled category of international marketing featuring the highest workload attributed to the fattest pay. Major FMCGs require a lot of marketing officials to plan out their global marketing plan and a marketing job in FMCG is everybodys dream shot.


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Have you always been observing people and trying to understand the reason behind their behavior? Do you feel like helping those people suffering from a traumatic experience? Are you among those people who understand the nature of others well and want to explore the reason behind human temperament and behavior? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you should certainly look out for establishing a career in psychology.Cross over from other backgrounds like IT/Law/Commerce is very common in international marketing. Marketing responsibilities in the mentioned firms necessitates marketing official with high knowledge of the field and specialization is highly required in that case. Leverage can be achieved through internal transfer into the marketing team and with proper experience can turn out to be a goldmine. A great deal of marketing research can add up your value.

3. Marketing falls under 4ps which signifies Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Marketing duties are classified into a number of roles to which different job salary is assigned. Promotional marketing and the associated PR generally falls under communication which if based on an international level can shape up your career with a six figure marketing salary at the end of the year.

Interim Marketing is also getting popular side by side with its permanent counterpart. Interim marketing depends on the growth and the adjacent developments of the company in the international market. Interim marketers are recruited with experience and can be taken into a more permanent seat provided they showcase good marketing abilities.

5. With the growing boom of globalization there are more international marketing positions with more pan-European marketing careers hitherto unheard of. Basic proficiency of English is a must for global international marketing career and a substantial experience to back it up.

6. The hugest opening in the international market in global PR agencies which can be applied through online or direct or telephonic interviews. Different countries have different need in international marketers and you have to research very carefully before applying.

7. Netherlands has the hugest marketing opening mainly due to existence of local Pan-European market with native English being prevalent. The international mindset of Netherlands also adds to the international outlook of businesses.

8. B2B or business to business marketing provides the most lucrative internal marketing career with more defined target in relation to market and businesses.

9. B2C or business to consumer marketing is hugely compulsive on an international scale because the needs of people in different countries vary widely according to lifestyle and culture and other population trends. Marketing salaries in B2C is largely dependent on the operational base.

10. Technology and sales provides an adverse effect to marketing scope in a company so be sure of the marketing prospects of a company before going into one.

International marketing is the highest position you can achieve when you are in a marketing career. Most of them started off with basic entry level marketing jobs with normal marketing salaries and shot their way to the top becoming the ruling voice of several multinationals.

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