Marriott International Shares Innovative Next Generation Marketing Strategy

Marriott International Shares Rare Look Into Innovative Next Generation Marketing Strategy | News Archives.

I love this article, It just puts all into perspective in a very practical way with real Live examples. Starting off with the idea that in the age of participation we are all co-creators.

“Today’s consumers know what they want. What’s more, they want an active role in the decisions that affect their experiences.”

it goes on to say that “Interaction with media and advertising is completely different today – it is multi-dimensional and brands must constantly adapt and push the limits on creativity to gain connection with their dynamic consumers.”

And Authenic experience hits another nail right on the head”

“Great advertising is experiential, not transactional.”

Then Serendipity.. “Consumers value intentional searches and serendipity as ways of discovering new information.”

These are just my snippets of my takeaways. hope you find it useful – See the article for gull details.

This Article is a Perfect Example of Marketing in The age Of Participation

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